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Conserving Sikkim Springs

Originating from deep aquifers, cool clear water flows from hundreds of springs that dot the mountain landscape of Sikkim. Sikkim springs are natural wonders and play a vital role in ensuring rural water security. Learn more about the springs and about the threats to their future and how to conserve these nature's gems.

Springs database

Delve into the growing inventory of spring resources of the State, developed with extensive field work.

Conserving springs

Artificial recharge of springs, by taking up spring-shed development works. Pilot activities are underway to augment the ground water reservoir. More...

Spring atlas

Explore the springs in Google Earth, on a GIS platform and learn more about them.
View springs in Google Earth
View springs in Map

Research and studies
Learn about the ground water resources and other research information on springs. More...
Educational resources
Understand springs and their conservation better. Posters, presentations. More...
Blockwise online progress

Weather data
  Access 18 remote Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) data. Download

Conserving lakes

Lakes have traditionally played an important role in groundwater recharge. Reviving these hill-top lakes is critical to ensure sustainability of the mountain ecosystem. More...
Conserving streams

Supplementing the lean season baseflow of streams by groundwater recharge using rainwater harvesting More...

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